Welcome to SML Eco Pest Control

Welcome to SML Eco Pest Control. We are one of Sri Lanka’s leading pest control company. We are ready to deal with any pest control problem of a commercial or residential nature. SML Eco Pest Control is the final solution for home and business protection and health from all pests, pest-related threats and maintenance of a pest free environment. We have been looking after so many people for years by protecting their homes, offices, factories, warehouses, hotels and etc. We control pets such as Rats, Cockroaches, Ants, Flies, Mosquitoes, Termites, Bed Bugs and etc. Apart from the pest control we do fumigation service, wooden treatment and termite control as well.

Fumigation is a modern technique of pest control. Fumigation of empty or loaded containers mandatory before shipping. Fumigation is a quick control method for insects and other pests. Fumigation is a Quarantine requirement for some countries such as USA,Australia, New Zealand,France,Greece and Korea before goods are admitted into the country.

We can offer you a highest level standard service with negotiable rates. We undertake soil treatment prior to construction of buildings and post constructions. We ensure that all our technicians are well trained with the most advanced equipment available and latest technologies. Their practical experience and knowledge deliver the service with winning satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality pest control services at a reasonable price, and to satisfy your expectations. We do this by solving your pest problems in a safe, reliable and environment friendly manner.

SML Eco Pest Control offers a personalized friendly service. We protect our customers from various forms of disease spread by pest and also provide protection against termite damage.

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  • 40” and 20” Empty container fumigation
  • 40” and 20”cargo container fumigation
  • loose cargo fumigation
  • mist blower – mosquitoes
  • fogger-mosquitoes